Exhibition: Upscale Gallery Rotterdam

Seed as germ of equal factors
Werner Clomp

Actual reality loses its essence. The correctness of perception of reality believes in its own realness. But from a visual point of view, color form line movement has priority, among other things. Is the mirror of the soul the interior that unfolds. Does the abstraction of the behold of time know the true content. The dream of the ego in the other ego through the other ego seeks itself. No Salon No show no fashion rough and rooted the white squeaks. National to international from the east, the image moves through transformation. Frats, whim, quirk, counterfeit tour of imitation or fake forgery kneels for uniqueness.

Picture in picture, space in space where two galleries simultaneously provide a visual insight. Upscale gallery and No Art Fashion take on this collaboration without a hitch. There where two galleries merge and each one still retains its own identity. Upscale gallery is provided with work by Werner Klompen. He draws from his oeuvre of boundless possibilities. Where a colored game of lines is laid down, there is what a spatial function has as its implementation. Seeking contact with the spatial installation of work by other artists. Taking in a moving image as a reflection as an image of another world. To absorb the surprise. The experiment as the initial stage of two unknown worlds entering into a symbiosis.

The upscale gallery and Werner Klompen merge with the work of Strannik , Wim Vonk and Irena paskali and together they make a fascinating bleed.