The Wandering...

The trilogy The Protective... The Wandering... The Wandering... is a traveling retrospective with work from the oeuvre of Luk Sponselee (Terneuzen 1960).

At each stop, a different aspect from his catalog is highlighted. The trilogy successively visits HulstArt – Hulst (Zeeland) , T56 – Eindhoven (North Brabant) and No Art Fashion – Roggel (Limburg) .

The Protective...
as in a collision head at a lock

The Wandering...
walking around like a dummy

The Wandering...
as in vagolist; where a nerve is interrupted

The trilogy is a compact retrospective of the work of Luk Sponselee. The exhibition is dominated by a monumental sound sculpture in the public space. In the large exhibition space of No Art Fashion, visual, graphic and stylistic work by Sponselee stands, hangs and moves. The artworks, sketches and images have a narrative character and are related to his films and videos.

In addition to the regular program, a special program will be shown on a few Sunday afternoons during the exhibition period, with the focus on the various films of Spongelee.

Art films
Sponselee is not only involved with video and film, but also produces installations, envoirments (environments) and performances. On this afternoon the focus is on video and film work, which have been realized as a result of or on the basis of the various performances and installations, which Sponselee has realized (in collaboration) with colleagues.
Program duration: 60 min

Fiction Movies
The mostly short films have a more narrative character, but it is the unconventional narrative structure or the alienated narrative that the films are not pure fiction, but also not a bolt of experiment.
Program duration: 120 min

Experimental Movies
Although most of Spongelee's films are experimental in nature, he makes a distinction in the material from his catalog. Spongelee's experimental films have a highly poetic character and are often collages of moving images and combination with sound and music.
Program duration: 120 min

The Protective ... The Wandering ... The Wandering ...
was realized with sponsorship and in collaboration with:
Roel Weenink, Munne, Ina Peeters, Paul Cornelissen, Paul Verwilligen, Jan D'Hooghe, Stef Fridael, Werner
Clogs, Mondriaan Fund, Hulst Art, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven, Zesde Kolonne, Corrid'Ore, Vidioot, T56,
PlanoPlastics, SCM2 - Eindhoven, No Art Fashion - Roggel, De Ridder Constructie - Hulst, Snoeihandel BV -
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