New times. New ways.

A place for visual experiment.
An autonomous place where the floating creative mind can let off steam on the waves.
A place where sound takes shape and sounds are deposited like splashes on a canvas.
And in the time of silence, another project is being worked on.
Surprisingly runaway by the coincidence of time.
As if nothing was the space until everything was.

The creative energy the space is open and free


About our exhibitors

About our exhibitors

We work exclusively with international artists who have graduated from an art school and who dedicate their lives to the practice of art in every sense of the word and who can conform to the manifesto of NO ART FASHION. We will also be organizing events in the field of performance, music, video and poetry.


The spiritually creative intellectual body of No Art Fashion does everything it can to promote the values of art. The body is fully responsible for the choices made regarding the artists and their art.

The body wants to offer a platform to as many artists as possible.

The art shown must have an autonomous character and demonstrate individuality, both in its essence and in its presentation.

We (the body) focus on art of high quality and international character and we are open to collaboration with museums, galleries, collectors and social institutions.

We are open to various disciplines in the arts and also want to offer space for projects.

We want to be a place where the reality of art is made tangible, where one can dream about the reality within art, and where the impossible can be considered possible.

A place where you can receive support if necessary, but where you as an artist are and remain sovereign.

We stand for a place where the boundaries of art are pushed and chance is allowed to exist.

We want to encourage people to look with an open mind at what it means to be an artist. Not all exhibitions will be accessible to everyone. We are not a gallery that wants to conform to mainstream views. The values of art come first. This means that we do not take the viewer into account at all and are not concerned with pleasing him.

Above all, let the art flow like a great river in which experiences can be felt. That it can be experienced with a smile or with a profound thought, in which 'nothing' becomes a 'Wow' feeling. Discover what we as humans are capable of!

Prepared by the spiritually creative intellectual organ of NO ART FASHION.
They are also responsible for the selection.