Do everything to promote the values in art!
Give as many artists as possible the opportunity to do their own thing what they want!
From autonomous and ultra-character to experience that tries to clarify the views and shows itself openly and in its own way.
Focusing on art of an international level also a place for museums, galleries and collectors.
Is open to all kinds of different art disciplines and gives room for projects!
A place where the reality of art must be present and the dreaming of reality if the dream is seen as reality, and making possible what is not possible!
However, the place where everyone can give support has no say whatsoever and therefore all values of autonomous art continue to apply!
A place without rhythm where the moment can invade coincidence, a place where the boundaries can be explored of what is and what is not!
To see wider than what one sees, to look more broadly from a different point of view, to understand what it can be to be an artist!
Not all works , artists will be for everyone. We are not busy to please everyone, we want to uphold and support the values of art. This means that we cannot take that into account at all!
Open to collaboration with social institutions!
But above all just to let art flow into the great river of experiences with a smile as well as the profound thought and the ohoo nothing to WOW feeling of the true what are we humans capable of!

Prepared by the spiritual creative intellectual body of NO ART FASHION.
They are also responsible for the selection.