Viacheslav Rohovyi (Strannik)

Ukrainian artist Viacheslav Rohovyi (Strannik), is a founder of the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Kryvyi Rih, whose works can be seen at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, and in "the Ukrainian house" in the Cabinet of Ministers in Kiev , as well as in private collections around the world: Germany, France, Italy, USA, Peru.

Vyacheslav Strannik is the author of a new, alternative method of modern visual culture called "interaction with space", which appeared on the border of the 20th -21st century as one of the alternative methods of modern visual culture.

Such an artistic method is based on various symbolic information systems: colour, number, sign, ornament and symbolism. The interplay of complex shapes and lines, which have a specific color expression, creates a powerful colorful wave flow and is close to icons and mandalas. The project "Interacting with space" appeared on the border of 20-21 centuries as one of the alternative methods of modern visual culture. The most important aspect of such a style is that the fine arts go beyond the confines of the verbal reflection of the world and transform into the higher form of understanding and reflection of reality. At the basis of such an Artistic Method lie different symbolic information systems: color, number, sign, ornament symbolic as a special expression of the life of consciousness based on the archetype. Interaction of complex shapes and lines with a certain color manifestation creates a powerful colorful current-forming space energy wave that positively affects the spiritual aspect of the personality, corrects the psycho-emotional sphere, promotes the renewal of the world of understanding, opens the ability to build both the inner "I" and the harmony of interaction of the whole world. Using photographs, local visual method, the man builds bridges to perception of different levels and facets of the world. It is a journey into the unknown, an ascent to distant worlds - new senses of space that presuppose the spreading of ordinary human consciousness. It is a non-breaking stream of consciousness, unity process, pure flight, rushing towards the light, rainbow reception of the world focused on the healing psychology.

Intuitive search, travel to depths of one's own subconscious, aspiration, to superconscious forms active conscious aspect.