Ans verdijk

Everyday consumer items and found materials stimulate the imagination of artist Ans Verdijk. In her work she often uses material that has already had a life and gives it new inspiration.

Verdijk: "People make history, every day, in every action. The world as we know it is designed according to our intuition. That process continues in an eternal reuse of natural and processed raw materials. People collect all kinds of things during their lives. treasured by the collector as 'valuables'." Verdijk incorporates these kinds of 'valuables' in her work and combines them with waste material.

She arranges them in such a way that the waste material becomes something and the 'valuables' take on a different function. Ans Verdijk's work has a somewhat satirical undertone. The once precious things are being stripped of their former function. It no longer matters if something was important to someone.
Verdijk: "I want to show the relativity of beauty and preciousness. An object can be very important to someone. After the disappearance of that one person, the collection of precious things ends up elsewhere. The 'valuables' are returned to another person. a new function and often the value that the previous owner gave it disappears.

In my work I give substance to the 'house' of beings in which people are eternally busy moving and replacing and rearranging the 'valuables'."

In Roggel bij , No ART Fashion, she will show a harmony of seriousness, play, art and kitsch in images and word bundles.

Jet Nuij

In her work, Jet Nuij investigates memory. The deliberate forgetting, the destruction of historical material, the blinded spectator, the (surviving) witness, the return of the repressed, the irreversibility of the past, the failure of mourning and the persistence of rest and residue are important motives. Jet Nuij's work exposes those motifs within the intimacy of family history and then connects them with the collective history of the mining region - her native region, where those motifs resonate, destabilize the underground, punch holes.

Jet Nuij's installations and projections are 'heimsuchungen', his 'haunted ruins', his fragile monuments.