Wanted Candy


Subtitle: Sculptura Memento Mori: Explorations in Human Identity

"Sculptura Memento Mori" is a groundbreaking exhibition where the art project called Wanted Candy explores the boundaries of realism and identity through the production of hyper-realistic casts of human heads. These immersive art installations not only reveal the physical nuances of the human face, but also touch on the deeper layers of personal identity, transience and the relationship between the individual and their environment. The charge of the production process is accompanied by a modern form of "shamanism" and tribal-like interventions.

The process begins with an intimate collaboration between artist and model. The model literally surrenders to the artist, trust must be there but is also created. Each participant undergoes a detailed facial analysis, capturing not only the superficial features, but also the subtle expressions and emotions that make the face unique. A combination of advanced 3D technology and traditional manual art skills are applied to create a detailed mold of the face.
This mold is then used to produce true-to-life casts in plaster. The use of high-quality materials and techniques guarantees a stunning similarity to the original face, including the finest details such as pores, wrinkles and hair's thin veins. However, the process goes further than just the physical appearance, the environment and the moment also play a role.
Wanted Candy is imbued with conceptual depth, with each cast telling an individual story. The choice of plaster as a medium, which is both fragile and durable, symbolizes the duality of human existence. The transience of the material is a reminder of the temporary nature of life, while its durability symbolizes the lasting impact of individuals on their environment.

Interaction and Reflection:
Visitors are invited not only to look at the sculptures, but also to touch them. The tactile aspect encourages a deeper connection, while encouraging viewers to reflect on their own identity and its changeability over time.

Final word:
“Sculptura Memento Mori” invites introspection and reflection, celebrating the human face as a unique work of art that reflects the complexity of the individual at that moment. The interplay of technological innovation and artistic vision creates an immersive experience that challenges the viewer to explore the boundaries of perception and identity.

Wanted Candy is a collaboration between the following artists: Mariëlle van Deursen, Mayke Verhoeven, stef Fridael and Werner Klompen.