Yasmin Hassidim

Yasmin Hassidim: Exploring Physical Decline and Searching for Identity through Art.

In the midst of an increasingly digital world, Yasmin Hassidim claims that we live in an age of physical decline, with the human body at the center of her artistic endeavours. Her work is characterized by a strong emphasis on the constant search for personal identity. Since 2015, she has been dedicating herself to the concept of healing during post-traumatic encounters, an ongoing pursuit that is reflected in her project "BODY = The New Religion." This multifaceted venture includes performances, installations, written theories, videos, sculptural objects and paintings.

Hassidim uses the human body as an experimental tool, a vehicle that reflects the collective consciousness within diverse developmental processes aimed at constructing a 'wholeness of the self'. Currently, she is engrossed in a new project titled "SHLEMA". In addition to abstractly depicting feminine perfection in her motifs, Hassidim incorporates her entire body into her works, which are full of organic shapes, vibrant colors, natural materials and introspective storytelling. Through this approach she creates abstract representations of herself imbued with a deeply feminist perspective.

Hassidim's artistic practice is academically innovative, groundbreaking and challenging conventional norms. Her exploration of the role of the human body in contemporary society deals with pressing themes such as the impact of technology, the search for identity in an increasingly digitized world and the potential for healing through art. Interweaving performance, visual aesthetics and theoretical discourse, she creates a rich tapestry of intellectual and sensory experiences that invite viewers to reflect on their own bodily existence.

Hassidim's visionary approach to art pushes us to question the relationship between the physical and the digital, challenging the prevailing narrative of detachment from our bodies. Through her interdisciplinary works, she reclaims the body as a place of exploration, empowerment and healing. With each creation, she reveals new dimensions of the self, forcing us to reassess our own identities in an ever-evolving world.

Yasmin Hassidim's artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-reflection, the weaving of personal stories, feminist perspectives and deep philosophical investigations. Her innovative approach to art not only pushes the boundaries of traditional artistic practices, but also serves as a catalyst for wider societal discussions about the human experience in the digital age.