Perceptions fluorescent

The popular belief is that black light makes white colors stand out. Although this does happen and it is a phenomenon that almost everyone has seen, for example in a discotheque, this light actually accentuates fluorescent colors and materials. Werner Klompen, artist born in Roggel, has been working with the medium of UV light for over 30 years. He has decorated an entire space with luminous work and thus created a combined work of art with this means. The space will consist of paintings, installation and objects. He will also show a painting of which he does not know how the result was achieved. In this painting the condition is sensational in depth and dimensionality. This artist living in Leudal's field of work includes graphics, drawing, painting, performance... In which the effect of ultraviolet radiation is only a branch. He has exhibited both at home and abroad. He is the founder of project gallery No Art Fashion and is part of the following collectives; Wanted Candy, The dead sex universe and CouB. Let yourself be seduced by sensation and feeling so that you have an impression of the Black-Light instrument as a communication channel.