The Winter Gardening

Six artists from the Ukraine come to exhibit at No Art Fashion in Roggel. Under the title "the Winter Gardening", this was created about five months ago.

Now we all know that there is a war going on in the Ukraine that this title, expo is also related to. Because surviving there in the winter will not be easy, something the artists already knew then. Water, food and gas supply are a problem when it is not is present or when the system for it has been destroyed. But for ordinary people it is of vital importance. They already had in mind that it would be a difficult time combined with the daily survival in an unusual situation. Yet they want to show their work or perhaps because of that. So it is quite special that this exhibition is a normality. How do you realize such an exhibition is it possible?

And yes, at No Art Fashion we do it with very special artists with quality and perseverance. It also shows us what kind of culture Ukraine is and what artists are involved in. The feeling of art as a world language manifests itself again in this exhibition of No Art Fashion. Curiosity is something we can develop as a tool for understanding and compassion not just purely towards Ukraine but in a general sense. It often shows us that we have more similarities than we think. The experience, the feeling of the exhibition "The Winter Gardening" can be filled in by everyone in his own way. For this exhibition, finding the way to the Leudal, which has its beautiful forest environment, is not a way too far but highly recommended.

However, logistically it is not an easy way to realize such an exhibition. The participating artists master different techniques disciplines, and are:

  • Mykola Dzhychka, painter
  • Sergiy Grygorian, art objects, photographer
  • Yuriy Borynets, painter
  • Zoriana Kozak, painter, ceramic sculptor
  • Dmytro Petryna, photographer
  • Yulia Gomeliac, photographer.

So be welcome to come to No Art Fashion Koppelstraat 24 Roggel