Solidified petroleum

Roelink's works consist of paintings, performances, collages, sculptures and installations on location. He uses contemporary materials such as household plastic, waste plastic, acrylic and tape to make his works. Themes such as the environmental problem caused by human influences, the polarization of democracy, the tendency to glorify economic values and the new different revolutions, are highlighted in his works.

Roelink: "As an artist I try to capture the plastic era. I am looking for different images that have to do with a new enlightenment of our total human being. I try to make art that exposes contemporary culture. These themes put me against the power of nature, which will always outlive us, looking for new hope. The new future. My artistry can be broadly described as an investigation/reflection of the culture in which I live."

Roelink is working towards the moment when he can no longer use plastic materials as a contemporary material to make art. The actions titled; JUST STOP OIL, he therefore supports, because it holds up a mirror to our current plastic culture of oil use.

Roelink: "Where art museums are afraid of climate activists, I invite climate activists and sympathizers to stick themselves to my art with their hands or head. Really on the work and not on the frame or glass. Really on the solidified oil. Let these people make that statement about the climate crisis. Within the presentation of various works in project gallery NO ART FASHION, there is also a large plastic work that is part of an installation with a black table with superglue bottles on it. In front of it are several white t-shirts with the texts; just stop oil. On another black table there are bottles with an unknown brand of cola to soak yourself loose after your statement when you have finished your statement. Underneath the work that people had stuck themselves to is a long container to collect the cola The statement is continuously captured with photography and film that are shared with the media through daily press releases."

Roelink: "Nothing that is defenseless is safe... ...that's exactly what this life is about... feel that, to live through it... come to a new question time and time again , a new investigation to keep each other on track. Each time to see and / or feel the value of life."